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Clean teeth


Kennedy Dental hygienists Ashley Jenkins and Rebecca Fitzgerald demonstrate how to brush and floss properly during a recent presentation for children at the Indian Lake Community Church Day Care Center for Children’s Dental Month. For the demonstration in the photo, the children standing represent teeth, and the hygienists wove a jump rope in between them to represent floss. The following tips were offered for good oral hygiene: Brush and floss properly by brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride at least two times a day and floss one time a day; eat healthy foods for snacks and well-balanced meals instead of candy and other sugary snacks; and get regular dental checkups. The hygienists also told the children it was important to allow their parents to help them brush and floss. Kennedy Dental has offices in Indian Meadows, Huntsville, and Marysville, and Hillary Wickline, Kennedy Dental business coordinator, also participated in the session. (PHOTO | KENNEDY DENTAL)

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