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West Liberty-Salem receives sixth-place at Science Olympiad


West Liberty-Salem Middle School’s Science Olympiad teams won the sixth-place trophy at the Magsig Middle School Invitational on Saturday that featured a total of 25 teams.

Teams of two students competed in 22 study and building events with the scores from each event counting toward the trophy win.

Individual medals were awarded for first- through third-place finishes for each event. Those who finished fourth through eighth were awarded ribbons.

The middle school varsity team placed 10th or higher in the following events:

• Boomilever — first place, Becky Wilkins and Connor Motzko.

• Forestry — 10th, Michael Price and Ian Higgins.

• Helicopters — sixth, Connor Motzko and Andrew Landis.

• Meteorology — seventh, Nathaniel Benedict and Ian Higgins.

• Mousetrap Vehicle — sixth, Thoryn Johnson and Michael Price.

• Reach for the Stars — ninth, Andrew Landis and Thoryn Johnson.

• Road Scholar — sixth, Michael Price and Nathaniel Benedict.

• Rocks and Minerals — second, Nathaniel Benedict and Connor Motzko.

• Sounds of Music — fourth, Ian Higgins and Nathaniel Benedict.

• Water Quality — 10th, Becky Wilkins.

The Middle School Junior Varsity team placed 10th or higher in the following events:

• Boomilever — third, Zach McCall and Chloe Spencer.

• Food Science —10th, Olivia Jacquemart and Chloe Spencer.

• Helicopters — third, Tyler Motzko and Zane Woodruff.

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