A star rises from poverty, is killed defying Pakistan norms

SHAH SADDERUDD, Pakistan (AP) — Like most of the men in this village of mud homes and wooden carts pulled by water buffalo, Muhammed Azeem cannot read or write. Like the other fathers, he raised a family of six boys and three girls on whatever he could coax out of a soil baked by the searing Punjab sun.

  • Written by KATHY GANNON, Associated Press

Storm in Macedonia leaves 17 dead, 60 injured; many flee

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — The Macedonian capital of Skopje has been hit by torrential rain and floods that left at least 17 people dead, six missing and sent 60 others to the hospital, authorities said Sunday as police and army helicopters searched for the missing and evacuated hundreds from the flood zone.

  • Written by KONSTANTIN TESTORIDES, Associated Press

Nuclear scientist executed by Iran referrenced in Clinton email

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran executed a nuclear scientist convicted of spying for the United States, an official said Sunday, acknowledging for the first time that the nation secretly detained and tried a man who was once heralded as a hero.

  • Written by NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press