Pope says 'Rohingya' in emotional encounter with refugees


DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Pope Francis asked for forgiveness Friday from refugees in Bangladesh for all the hurt and persecution they have endured, demanded their rights be recognized and pronounced the word he had so assiduously avoided only days earlier in Myanmar: "Rohingya."

  • Written by By NICOLE WINFIELD and JULHAS ALAM , Associated Press

Wisconsin senator to back tax bill, boosting GOP hopes


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican leaders gained support from one more senator for the GOP tax bill on Friday, giving needed momentum to the effort and boosting leaders' hopes that they can push the $1.4 trillion legislation through the Senate later in the day.

  • Written by By MARCY GORDON and STEPHEN OHLEMACHER , Associated Press

US putting off planned ban on its use of cluster bombs

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon has put off indefinitely a planned ban on using certain cluster bombs, which release explosive sub-munitions, or bomblets. The U.S. military considers them a legitimate and important weapon, although critics say they kill indiscriminately and pose hazards to civilians.

  • Written by By ROBERT BURNS , AP National Security Writer

Court order barring voter intimidation by RNC set to expire

A 35-year-old federal court order prohibiting the Republican National Committee from engaging in voter verification and other "ballot security" measures is set to expire Friday, something the GOP says is long overdue but voting rights advocates argue is still needed to prevent intimidation at the polls.

  • Written by By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY , Associated Press

New, long-acting drugs cut frequency of migraine headaches

New, long-acting drugs may hold hope for millions of people who often suffer migraines. Studies of two of these medicines, given as shots every month or so, found they cut the frequency of the notoriously painful and disabling headaches.

  • Written by By MARILYNN MARCHIONE , AP Chief Medical Writer