Hong Kong set to pick new leader anointed by Beijing

HONG KONG (AP) — The three candidates vying to be Hong Kong's next leader squared off in a feisty debate in front of hundreds of voters who peppered them with questions.

  • Written by KELVIN CHAN , Associated Press

From bedroom to boardroom, Supreme Court is in your business

WASHINGTON (AP) — Quick, name a Supreme Court justice. OK, name three. One of the current justices, Stephen Breyer, once noted wryly that their names are less well-known than those of the Three Stooges.


  • Written by NANCY BENAC , Associated Press

Justice faults police response in 2015 Minneapolis protests

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal review released Monday of an 18-day standoff outside a Minneapolis police station following the fatal shooting of a black man in 2015 found problems with the city's coordination and communication but praised officers for their professionalism and the peaceful end to the protest.


  • Written by STEVE KARNOWSKI , Associated Press

Bitter partisanship on display at Supreme Court hearing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bitter partisanship marked the start of Senate confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick on Monday, as Democrats angrily condemned Republicans for refusing to act on Barack Obama's nominee last year and Republicans accused Democrats of playing politics.


  • Written by ERICA WERNER and MARK SHERMAN , Associated Press