Nations race to prevent backsliding on North Korea sanctions


MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Armed with extraordinary new U.N. sanctions, nations raced Monday to ensure that North Korea's biggest trading partners actually carry them out, an elusive task that has undercut past attempts to strong-arm Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear weapons.

  • Written by By JOSH LEDERMAN , Associated Press

North Korea vows harsh retaliation against new UN sanctions


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea vowed Monday to bolster its nuclear arsenal and gain revenge of a "thousand-fold" against the United States in response to tough U.N. sanctions imposed following its recent intercontinental ballistic missile tests.

  • Written by By HYUNG-JIN KIM , Associated Press

Judge: IBM owes Indiana $78M for failed welfare automation


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — IBM Corp. owes Indiana $78 million in damages stemming from the company's failed effort to automate much of the state's welfare services, a judge has ruled in a long-running dispute.

  • Written by By RICK CALLAHAN and TOM DAVIES , Associated Press

From respected at elite universities to wanted for murder


CHICAGO (AP) — After a cross-country manhunt, a Northwestern University professor and University of Oxford employee are in custody for the brutal stabbing death of a 26-year-old hair stylist in Chicago. The case has involved peculiar twists, including a cash donation by one of the two suspects in the victim's name at a Wisconsin library and a videotaped confession sent to friends. The two men surrendered peacefully in California after eight days as fugitives.

  • Written by By SOPHIA TAREEN , Associated Press

Back home, Speaker Ryan can't escape questions about GOP


MUKWONAGO, Wis. (AP) — With a dysfunctional Congress on recess, House Speaker Paul Ryan has turned his focus back home, touring flood-damaged areas and visiting local businesses in Wisconsin. But he can't escape the questions about why Republicans in charge of Washington aren't delivering.

  • Written by By SCOTT BAUER , Associated Press