Mexican president proposes legalizing gay marriage

MEXICO CITY (AP) — President Enrique Pena Nieto proposed to legalize same-sex marriage in Mexico on Tuesday, a move that would enshrine on a national level a Supreme Court ruling last year that it was unconstitutional for states to bar such couples from wedding.

  • Written by E. EDUARDO CASTILLO, Associated Press PETER ORSI, Associated Press

Amtrak victims: Investigative findings hard to believe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Victims of last year's deadly Amtrak derailment aren't buying the findings of federal investigators that the train's engineer likely lost his bearings because he was distracted by an incident with a nearby train.

  • Written by MICHAEL R. SISAK, Associated Press

Sanders wins Oregon, battles Clinton in Ky.; Trump wins Ore.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders has won Oregon's presidential primary and battled Hillary Clinton to a razor-thin margin in Kentucky, vowing to stay in the race until the end as Clinton aimed to blunt his momentum and prepare for a fall campaign against Republican Donald Trump.

  • Written by KEN THOMAS, Associated Press

Senate approves Sept. 11 legislation despite Saudi threats

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, rejecting the fierce objections of a U.S. ally and setting Congress on a collision course with the Obama administration.

  • Written by RICHARD LARDNER, Associated Press