Experts use drift modeling to define new MH370 search zone

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Experts hunting for the missing Malaysian airliner are attempting to define a new search area by studying where in the Indian Ocean the first piece of wreckage recovered from the lost Boeing 777 — a wing flap — most likely drifted from after the disaster that claimed 239 lives, the new leader of the search said.

  • Written by ROD McGUIRK, Associated Press

FDA tests confirm hepatitis A in scallops from Philippines

HONOLULU (AP) — U.S. Food and Drug Administration tests found hepatitis A in scallops from the Philippines, which have been identified as the likely source of an outbreak of the virus in Hawaii.

  • Written by JENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER, Associated Press

Rare Tyrannosaurus rex skull arrives at Seattle museum

SEATTLE (AP) — Paleontologists with Seattle's Burke Museum have unearthed the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex that lived more than 66 million years ago, including a rare nearly complete 4-foot long skull.

  • Written by PHUONG LE, Associated Press