AP FACT CHECK: Fire, not demolition, brought down WTC towers


NEW YORK (AP) — The twin towers and another skyscraper at the World Trade Center were destroyed in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, because fires that started from planes crashing into the buildings weakened their structural integrity, despite internet stories that insist they came down from controlled demolitions.


Utah national monument recommendation spurs action

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's recommendation to downsize a vast new national monument in Utah created optimism among opponents of 26 other monuments under review around the country and fear among conservation groups that worry he will propose shrinking or rescinding other sites in his final report due in late August.

UT NationalMon

  • Written by By BRADY McCOMBS , Associated Press

UPS says employee shoots, injures 4 at San Francisco center

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A UPS employee opened fire at a San Francisco package delivery facility on Wednesday, injuring four and prompting a massive police response in a neighborhood near downtown, officials said.


White House torn over Mueller's role as pressure grows


WASHINGTON (AP) — A top aide to President Donald Trump suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller is biased even as the White House worked to end a day of speculation over whether the president is considering firing the head of the Russia probe.

  • Written by By JULIE BYKOWICZ and JILL COLVIN , Associated Press

Who else but Trump to call for a nation full of apprentices?

PEWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) — The man who parlayed a run on TV's "The Apprentice" into a winning presidential campaign said Tuesday the nation needs a stronger system of apprenticeship to match workers with millions of open jobs.

  • Written by By JOSH BOAK and KEN THOMAS , Associated Press