'It smells like death:' Alabama endures NYC 'poop train'


PARRISH, Ala. (AP) — A stinking trainload of human waste from New York City is stranded in a tiny Alabama town, spreading a stench like a giant backed-up toilet — and the "poop train" is just the latest example of the South being used as a dumping ground for other states' waste.

pooptrain 1

  • Written by By JEFF MARTIN and JAY REEVES , Associated Press

Trump rewrites history on rationale for firing Comey


PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump is attempting to rewrite history on his rationale for firing James Comey as FBI director last year.

  • Written by By ZEKE MILLER , Associated Press

GOP's regulatory fight goes to another level over car loans

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP-led Senate voted Wednesday to block Obama-era guidance a consumer protection agency issued five years ago to help ensure lenders don't charge blacks and Hispanics higher interest rates on car loans.

  • Written by By KEVIN FREKING , Associated Press

NTSB: Blown Southwest jet engine showed 'metal fatigue'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A preliminary examination of the blown jet engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that set off a terrifying chain of events and left a businesswoman hanging half outside a shattered window showed evidence of "metal fatigue," according to the National Transportation Safety Board.


  • Written by By ALEXANDRA VILLARREAL and DAVID KOENIG , Associated Press