Cheers, jeers and fears as Britain votes to exit EU

LONDON (AP) — On its face Britain looked the same on Friday: The White Cliffs of Dover gleamed, the clamor of construction rumbled across London and bathers in the Hampstead Heath park took a dip in a murky pond while the rare sun lasted.

  • Written by FRANK JORDANS, Associated Press

Brexit vote hardly a harbinger of US presidential election

DENVER (AP) — Widespread economic angst. Intense opposition to immigration policy. The rise of populist and nationalist sentiments, particularly among less-educated and older white voters.

  • Written by NICHOLAS RICCARDI, Associated Press BILL BARROW, Associated Press

Teacher recalls battle with tornado that killed 98 in China

YANCHENG, China (AP) — Teacher Guo Haimei said the ferocious wind, blacked with dust and debris, seemed to descend out of nowhere onto her kindergarten and its 120 pupils.

  • Written by PAUL TRAYNOR, Associated Press CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press