Police: Suspect in Tacoma officer's death shot and killed

SEATTLE (AP) — A deputy who "had a clear shot" fired once at the suspect in the fatal shooting of a Tacoma officer, killing the man who had used two children as human shields inside a home during a lengthy standoff, authorities said.

  • Written by LISA BAUMANN, Associated Press

Recovery begins as rains help put out Tennessee wildfires

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (AP) — After nearly 24 hours of drenching rain helped quench a series of devastating wildfires in eastern Tennessee, local officials turned to cleanup and recovery efforts even as they battled their own personal crises.

  • Written by ADAM BEAM, Associated Press; JONATHAN MATTISE, Associated Press

Protesters: Police shooting may be legal, but isn't right

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A prosecutor's decision to clear a Charlotte police officer in the killing of a black man left some African-American community leaders saying while the shooting may have been legal, it wasn't right.

  • Written by JEFFREY COLLINS, Associated Press; TOM FOREMAN Jr., Associated Press

Trump will face tough questions on future of nuclear arsenal

WASHINGTON (AP) — For all the concerns raised in the presidential campaign about Donald Trump's fitness to command America's nuclear arsenal, the immediate questions he's likely to face as president aren't about launching these weapons, but modernizing them.

  • Written by ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer