Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions

WASHINGTON (AP) — The legal fight over President Donald Trump's ban on refugees is likely to turn on questions of a president's authority to control America's borders and on whether the new immigration policy unconstitutionally discriminates against Muslims.

  • Written by SADIE GURMAN and ERIC TUCKER , Associated Press

Trump fires Justice Dep't head over clash on refugee ban

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an extraordinary public showdown, President Donald Trump fired the acting attorney general of the United States after she publicly questioned the constitutionality of his refugee and immigration ban and refused to defend it in court.

  • Written by JULIE PACE and ERIC TUCKER , Associated Press Writers

Boy Scouts allows transgender kids into boys-only programs

DALLAS (AP) — A New Jersey woman whose son was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he is transgender said she has mixed emotions about the organization's decision to allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.

  • Written by CLAUDIA LAUER , Associated Press

EU chief sees Trump announcements as threats

BRUSSELS (AP) — The leader of the European Union put longtime ally the United States in a "threat" category on Tuesday, insisting that President Donald Trump is contributing to the "highly unpredictable" outlook for the bloc.

  • Written by RAF CASERT , Associated Press