US company turned blind eye to wild behavior on Iraq base

WASHINGTON (AP) — The two American investigators felt a sense of foreboding that Sunday as they headed to an emergency meeting with their boss on the Iraqi air base. But they didn't expect to be surrounded by armed guards, disarmed, detained against their will — and fired without explanation.

  • Written by DESMOND BUTLER and LORI HINNANT , Associated Press

Low-income, minority students lag in high school grad rates

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite rising national graduation rates, low-income and minority students continue to lag behind their peers in finishing high school, according to a study released Wednesday.


  • Written by MARIA DANILOVA , Associated Press

Trump's remarks often set off White House 'scramble drill'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington policymakers have a time-tested method for rolling out new ideas: float a trial balloon. Spread rumors of a policy change or selectively leak it to the press, then see how it plays and proceed only if it looks doable.

  • Written by NANCY BENAC , Associated Press

A way forward on health care bill? Key GOP rep has $8B plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top House Republicans scrambling to prevent another collapse of their push to repeal much of the Obama health care law may have found a way to win over some moderate GOP holdouts.

  • Written by ALAN FRAM , Associated Press

Family begins healing, focus turns to ex-officer's sentence

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Relatives of Walter Scott differ on how much time a white former officer should spend in federal prison for gunning down the black motorist, with one brother suggesting Michael Slager should go away for life.

  • Written by MEG KINNARD and JEFFREY COLLINS , Associated Press