Germany hunts 'violent and armed' Tunisian in truck attack

BERLIN (AP) — Germany on Wednesday launched a Europe-wide manhunt for a "violent and armed" Tunisian man with ties to Islamic extremists who has used at least six different names and three different nationalities, saying he is a suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack.

  • Written by GEIR MOULSON, Associated Press

911 call in road-rage case: 'This little kid's been shot'

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Newly released 911 recordings depict a frantic, chaotic scene as a grandmother pulls into a Little Rock shopping center and discovers her 3-year-old grandson has been shot in what police describe as a road-rage killing.

  • Written by JILL BLEED, Associated Press

North Carolina lawmakers meeting to consider HB2 repeal

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina's legislature reconvened Wednesday to decide whether enough lawmakers are willing to repeal a 9-month-old law that limited LGBT rights, including which bathrooms transgender people can use in public schools and government buildings.

  • Written by GARY D. ROBERTSON, Associated Press; JONATHAN DREW, Associated Press

Deadly Mexico fireworks blast hit market packed for holidays

TULTEPEC, Mexico (AP) — The San Pablito fireworks market was especially well stocked for the holidays and bustling with hundreds of shoppers when a powerful chain-reaction explosion ripped through its stalls, killing at least 31 people and leaving dozens more badly burned.

  • Written by CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN, Associated Press; MARIA VERZA, Associated Press

Final round of Aleppo evacuations underway

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian rebels resumed their evacuation from Aleppo on Wednesday, paving the way for the government to reassume control of the war-torn city.

  • Written by PHILIP ISSA, Associated Press