Japan, US agree to narrow definition of workers on US bases

TOKYO (AP) — Japan and the U.S. announced Tuesday that they will reduce the number of civilians working on American military bases who receive immunity from Japanese prosecution, a step toward addressing outrage on Okinawa over a recent murder case on the island involving a Marine-turned-contractor.

  • Written by MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press

Fresh salad at sea: Military considers gardens aboard subs

NATICK, Mass. (AP) — When a Navy submarine goes to sea on a monthslong voyage, the lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables on board run out in a week or two, forcing the crew to rely on canned, frozen or dehydrated products.

  • Written by By JENNIFER McDERMOTT, Associated Press

US says up to 116 civilians killed in counterterror strikes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Peeling back some of the secrecy of America's drone strikes on suspected terrorists, the Obama administration on Friday said it has killed up to 116 civilians in counterterror attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and other places where the U.S. is not engaged in active, on-the-ground warfare.

  • Written by DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press