Trump rejects intel, lawmakers vow probe of Russia hacking

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump on Sunday called a recent CIA assessment of Russian hacking"ridiculous" and says he's not interested in getting daily intelligence briefings — an unprecedented public dismissal by a president-elect of the nation's massive and sophisticated intelligence apparatus.

  • Written by LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press

First evacuation underway from last rebel part of Aleppo

BEIRUT (AP) — A convoy of ambulances carrying the first group of wounded and other civilians began leaving eastern Aleppo on Thursday, marking the start of the long-awaited pullout from the last rebel enclave in the embattled Syrian city.

Mideast Syria Krou 7

  • Written by PHILIP ISSA, Associated Press

Yellen signals caution about Trump's economic stimulus plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump has pledged deep tax cuts and increased infrastructure spending to restore lost jobs, accelerate the economy and bring prosperity to more Americans.

Janet Yellen has her doubts.

  • Written by JOSH BOAK, AP Economics Writer

Iran sanctions renewal becomes law without Obama signature

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an unexpected reversal, President Barack Obama declined to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran but let it become law anyway, in an apparent bid to alleviate Tehran's concerns that the U.S. is backsliding on the nuclear deal.

  • Written by JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press

From Trump and his new team, mixed signals on climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — He brushed off climate change as a Chinese hoax, then called it the real deal and finally declared that "nobody really knows." Donald Trump is sending mixed signals on whether or how he will try to slow Earth's warming temperatures and rising sea levels.

  • Written by JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press