Congress nears dismantling of post-crisis bank rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress was taking a final step Tuesday toward dismantling a chunk of the rules framework for banks installed to prevent a recurrence of the 2008 financial crisis that brought millions of lost jobs and foreclosed homes.

  • Written by By MARCY GORDON , AP Business Writer

Trump the dealmaker facing challenges ahead of NKorea summit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Weeks before his planned North Korea summit, President Donald Trump is staring down a dealmaker's worst nightmare: overpromising and under-delivering.

  • Written by By CATHERINE LUCEY and ZEKE MILLER , Associated Press

Golden age of new theme park rides led by Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — If this is a golden age for theme parks, then nowhere are new thrills more abundant than in Orlando where the major theme park resorts have been in an arms race, opening new attractions every year recently, with even bigger blockbusters slated for next year.



NOT REAL NEWS: FDA didn't warn about rat-meat chicken wings

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — There's been no seizure of hundreds of thousands of pounds of rat meat by U.S. officials, nor has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers that such meat may be for sale as "boneless" chicken wings.


Hawaii volcano generates toxic gas plume called laze

PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — The eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii sparked new safety warnings about toxic gas on the Big Island's southern coastline after lava began flowing into the ocean and setting off a chemical reaction.


  • Written by By JAE C. HONG and AUDREY McAVOY , Associated Press