Chicago police, feds team up on new effort to curb violence

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago police, federal agents and prosecutors are launching a new initiative Friday to stem the flow of illegal firearms in the city as part of efforts to curb rampant gun violence that President Donald Trump says is at "epidemic proportions."


Ports recover, but Ukraine still disrupted by cyberattack

PARIS (AP) — Danish shipping giant A.P. Maersk-Moller says cargo terminals and port operations are returning to normal following a strikingly virulent and disruptive outbreak of malicious software.

  • Written by By RAPHAEL SATTER , Associated Press

Iraqi troops in mop-up operations in Mosul after key gains

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — Iraqi troops were clearing up a key neighborhood in Mosul on Friday, commanders said, a day after making significant gains against Islamic State militants in the city and after the country's prime minister declared an end to the extremist group's self-proclaimed caliphate.


Analysis: For GOP Congress, an imperative on health care


WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans are stymied over health care. But after seven years of promising to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's law, they risk political disaster if they don't deliver.

GOPhealth McConnell

  • Written by By ERICA WERNER , AP Congressional Correspondent