Trump's proposed big military budget no sure thing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans control Congress so President Donald Trump's pledge to boost the Pentagon budget by tens of billions of dollars should be a sure bet.

  • Written by RICHARD LARDNER , Associated Press

Talk to babies and let them babble back to bridge word gap

WASHINGTON (AP) — Even infants can have conversations with mom or dad. Their turn just tends to involve a smile or some gibberish instead of words. That's a key lesson from programs that are coaching parents to talk more with their babies — and recording their attempts.

  • Written by LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer

2 dead, torrents of rain slam Southern California

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A huge Pacific storm parked itself over Southern California and unloaded, ravaging roads, opening sinkholes and leading to the deaths of at least two people.

  • Written by ROBERT JABLON, Associated Press

Pruitt OK'd as EPA chief over environmentalists' objections

WASHINGTON (AP) — Over the strong objections of environmental groups, the Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday, giving President Donald Trump an eager partner to fulfill his campaign pledge to increase the use of planet-warming fossil fuels.

  • Written by MICHAEL BIESECKER , Associated Press