Martin McGuinness, IRA leader turned peacemaker, dies at 66

DUBLIN (AP) — Martin McGuinness took up arms to fight British soldiers in the streets but ended up shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II. A militant who long sought to unify Ireland through violence, he became a peacemaking politician who earned the respect, and even the friendship, of his former enemies.

  • Written by SHAWN POGATCHNIK , Associated Press

US bars electronic carry-ons from Mideast, N. Africa flights

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government, citing unspecified threats, is barring passengers on nonstop, U.S.-bound flights from eight mostly Middle Eastern and North African countries from bringing laptops, tablets, electronic games and other devices on board in carry-on bags.

  • Written by ALICIA A. CALDWELL and DAVID KOENIG , Associated Press

Thailand's coin-eating turtle dies of intestinal blockage

BANGKOK (AP) — Tourists used to toss coins at a green sea turtle that lived in a pond in eastern Thailand, wishing for luck and longevity. But swallowing the shiny tidbits turned out to be a death sentence for the reptile.

  • Written by KAWEEWIT KAEWJINDA , Associated Press

Q&A on 'unmasking' and leaking classified information

WASHINGTON (AP) — After FBI Director James Comey publicly has acknowledged the existence of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation into potential links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the White House introduced a new narrative to push back against the allegations.

  • Written by EILEEN SULLIVAN , Associated Press

Labs extend purebred dog popularity record; Rottweilers rise

NEW YORK (AP) — Labrador retrievers have extended their record run as America's most popular dog breed, leading the American Kennel Club's new rankings for a 26th straight year. But Rottweilers are enjoying renewed favor, and some other dogs have been striding up the popularity ladder. A closer look at some of the rungs revealed Tuesday:

  • Written by JENNIFER PELTZ , Associated Press