Across the world, shock and condemnation at Orlando massacre

From across the world, officials and public figures are expressing condemnation and shock over the Florida mass shooting at the Pulse Orlando nightclub on Sunday, when police say a gunman wielding an assault-type rifle opened fire, killing at least 49 people and wounding dozens.


Gay clubs: Patrons treasure a place to feel safe, be oneself

NEW YORK (AP) — Like many gay men across America, Jamie Brown has treasured memories of nights spent reveling at a gay club, a boisterous community gathering place where he could feel safe and be himself. He remembers it as a sanctuary.

  • Written by DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

Indiana man arrested in LA area wasn't allowed to have guns

CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (AP) — A man arrested in Southern California with three assault rifles who told police he was headed to a gay pride event had earlier been ordered by a judge in his home state of Indiana to give up all his guns.

  • Written by AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press DYLAN LOVAN, Associated Press

Palestinians move into new city, part of statehood dream

RAWABI, West Bank (AP) — After years of setbacks, Palestinians are proudly starting to move into their first planned city being built in the West Bank — a move that isn't just about real estate but also a symbol of their quest for statehood after nearly 50 years of Israeli military occupation.

  • Written by MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH, Associated Press

Apple makes Siri smarter, rolls out software improvements

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is working to make its iPhone and other gadgets smarter, responding to competitors' recent moves by building more artificial intelligence into its Siri digital assistant, photos, maps and other online services.

  • Written by BRANDON BAILEY, AP Technology Writer