Trump immigration waffle reflects voter confusion on issue

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Dean Green supports Donald Trump partly because of the GOP presidential nominee's tough, deport-them-all stance on illegal immigration. But the 57-year-old Republican paused as he complained about U.S. immigration policy and acknowledged that deporting all 11 million people in the U.S. illegally would separate families.

  • Written by NICHOLAS RICCARDI, Associated Press BILL BARROW, Associated Press

Quake damaged roads threaten access to Italy town

AMATRICE, Italy (AP) — Strong aftershocks damaged two key access roads into quake-struck Amatrice on Friday, threatening to isolate the tiny hilltop town as hopes dimmed that firefighters would find any more survivors from the earthquake that killed at least 267 people.

  • Written by PAOLO SANTALUCIA, Associated Press NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press

AP EXPLAINS: How shallow, deep earthquakes differ

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Italy's earthquake was a lot weaker than the one in Myanmar, but it did far more damage because it happened at a shallower depth. The Associated Press explains the difference between shallow and deep earthquakes.

  • Written by ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer

Car bomb attack in Turkey kills 11 police; 78 wounded

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A Kurdish militant suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden truck into a checkpoint near a police station in southeast Turkey on Friday, killing at least 11 police officers and wounding 78 other people, the prime minister said.

  • Written by SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press

US, Russia renew push for elusive agreement on Syria

GENEVA (AP) — The United States and Russia on Friday renewed efforts to secure a military and humanitarian cooperation agreement for war-torn Syria after months of hesitation, missed deadlines and failed attempts to forge a truce.

  • Written by MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press JAMEY KEATEN, Associated Press