Hundreds of Islamic extremists protest in Pakistan's capital

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Hundreds of Islamic extremists resumed protests in Pakistan's capital on Tuesday over the execution of a man who killed a secular governor, in a show of defiance amid a government crackdown following a suicide attack two days earlier.

  • Written by MUNIR AHMED, Associated Press

North Korean nuclear threats spotlight US missile defense

WASHINGTON (AP) — As North Korea rattles its nuclear saber, threatening to bomb the U.S. at "any moment," a nerve-jangling question hangs in the air: If Pyongyang did launch a nuclear-armed missile at an American city, could the Pentagon's missile defenses overcome their spotty test record and shoot it down beyond U.S. shores?

  • Written by ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer

White House adds fun run to annual Easter Egg Roll

WASHINGTON (AP) — Calling the moment bittersweet, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed thousands of children to the South Lawn of the White House Monday morning for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

  • Written by KEVIN FREKING