Greek court backs extraditing Russian bitcoin suspect to US


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's Supreme Court has ruled in favor of extraditing a Russian cybercrime suspect to the United States to stand trial for allegedly laundering billions of dollars using the virtual currency bitcoin.

  • Written by By FANIS KARABATSAKIS and DEREK GATOPOULOS , Associated Press

Japan court orders shutdown of nuclear reactor near volcano


TOKYO (AP) — A court ruled Wednesday that a nuclear reactor in southwestern Japan should not operate because it is too close to an active volcano and could be affected by a major eruption.

  • Written by By MARI YAMAGUCHI , Associated Press

Opioid crisis strains foster system as kids pried from homes

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The case arrives with all the routine of a traffic citation: A baby boy, just 4 days old and exposed to heroin in his mother's womb, is shuddering through withdrawal in intensive care, his fate now here in a shabby courthouse that hosts a parade of human misery.

  • Written by By MATT SEDENSKY and MEGHAN HOYER , Associated Press