Trump disbands business advisory councils after CEOs flee


NEW YORK (AP) — With corporate chieftains fleeing, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he is ending a pair of advisory business councils in the latest fallout over his remarks about the Charlottesville protests.

  • Written by By JULIE PACE and JONATHAN LEMIRE , Associated Press

Racial politics haunt GOP in the Trump era


NEW YORK (AP) — The statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, was the focus of an emotional debate in the state's Republican primary election weeks before it became a flashpoint in the nation's struggle over race.

  • Written by By STEVE PEOPLES and BILL BARROW , Associated Press

Confederate monuments removed overnight in Baltimore


BALTIMORE (AP) — Confederate monuments in Baltimore were quietly removed and hauled away on trucks in darkness early Wednesday, days after a violent white nationalist rally in Virginia that was sparked by plans to take down a similar statue there.

ConfedMon Baltimore