Sweden introduces military draft for both men and women

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Sweden's left-leaning government introduced a military draft for both men and women Thursday because of what its defense minister called a deteriorating security environment in Europe and around Sweden.

  • Written by JAN M. OLSEN , Associated Press

Russia-backed rebels take over factories, mines in Ukraine

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian-backed rebels are taking over scores of factories and mines in eastern Ukraine, many of them belonging to a tycoon whose foundation has been the largest provider of humanitarian aid to a war-battered population.

  • Written by NATALIYA VASILYEVA , Associated Press

UN panel alleges war crimes in last year's battle for Aleppo

GENEVA (AP) — A U.N. panel said Wednesday the evacuation of eastern Aleppo, after months of siege and aerial bombing by Russian and Syrian forces, was one of many war crimes committed by those fighting for control of Syria's largest city.

  • Written by DOMINIQUE SOGUEL , Associated Press