In new setback, Uber to lose license to work in London

LONDON (AP) — Uber will lose its license to operate in London because it may be endangering public safety and security, the local regulator said Friday, in a severe blow to a company already facing big questions over its corporate culture.

  • Written by By DANICA KIRKA , Associated Press

Mexico shocked by news: Girl trapped in rubble didn't exist

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Hour after excruciating hour, Mexicans were transfixed by dramatic efforts to reach a young girl thought buried in the rubble of a school destroyed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. She reportedly wiggled her fingers, told rescuers her name and said there were others trapped near her. Rescue workers called for tubes, pipes and other tools to reach her.

MXquake school

  • Written by By GISELA SALOMON and MARIA VERZA , Associated Press

AP Explains: Why Japan doesn't sign nuclear arms ban treaty

TOKYO (AP) — Japan, the only country to have suffered atomic bomb attacks, has repeatedly called for a global ban on nuclear weapons. Yet it sided with the nuclear powers and NATO in refusing to sign a treaty to ban such weapons during the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York.


  • Written by By MARI YAMAGUCHI , Associated Press

Satellite images show sprawling Rohingya refugee camps

Massive, makeshift refugee camps are sprawling over farms and open land in southern Bangladesh as more than 420,000 Rohingya Muslims flee violent attacks in their predominantly Buddhist homeland of Myanmar.

  • Written by By MARTHA MENDOZA , Associated Press

Was it a crime? 10 patients at nursing home died after Irma


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Ten elderly patients died after being kept inside a nursing home that turned into a sweatbox when Hurricane Irma knocked out its air conditioning for three days, even though just across the street was a fully functioning and cooled hospital.


  • Written by By TERRY SPENCER , Associated Press