America in one word? 'Free,' 'great,' or 'divided,' 'broken'

NEW YORK (AP) — Free and great, or divided and confused. Diverse and powerful, or troubled and broken. In search of a single word encapsulating their country at this moment, Americans offered pollsters a lexicon reflecting both hope and dissonance.

  • Written by MATT SEDENSKY, AP National Writer

Texas professors sue over guns on campus before class begins

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas' new law allowing concealed handguns in college classrooms, buildings and dorms has barely started and already faces a legal challenge seeking to block it before students return for the fall semester.

  • Written by JIM VERTUNO, Associated Press

'Little ninja': Zika-spreading mosquito puts up tough fight

MIAMI (AP) — The mosquitoes spreading Zika in Miami are proving harder to eradicate than expected, the nation's top disease-fighter said Tuesday as authorities sprayed clouds of insecticide in the ground-zero neighborhood, emptied kiddie pools and handed out cans of insect repellent to the homeless.

  • Written by JENNIFER KAY, Associated Press

Syrian government and rebels trade gas attack accusations

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian rebels accused government forces of launching toxic gas attacks on civilians in a town southwest of Aleppo on Tuesday. The government rejected the claim and accused the rebels of using chemical weapons themselves.

  • Written by SARAH EL DEEB, Associated Press PHILIP ISSA, Associated Press