On historic trip to Laos, Obama aims to heal war wounds

VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — Acknowledging the scars of a secret war, President Barack Obama on Tuesday said the United States has a "moral obligation" to help this isolated Southeast Asian nation heal and vowed to reinvigorate relations with a country with rising strategic importance to the U.S.

  • Written by JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press KATHLEEN HENNESSEY, Associated Press

Multiple bomb blasts in Syrian cities kill at least 43

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — A string of bombings, including a suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State group, struck in and around several Syrian cities on Monday, killing at least 43 people, mainly in government-controlled areas.

  • Written by ALBERT AJI, Associated Press

WHY IT MATTERS: Student Debt

WASHINGTON (AP) — THE ISSUE: More Americans are getting buried by student debt — causing delays in home ownership, limiting how much people can save and leaving taxpayers at risk as many loans go unpaid. The statistics look daunting.

  • Written by JOSH BOAK, AP Economics Writer

Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth

WASHINGTON (AP) — Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has increased among young white adults, according to a poll that suggests a majority of white, black, Asian and Hispanic young adults now support the movement calling for accountability for police in the deaths of African-Americans.

  • Written by JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press EMILY SWANSON, Associated Press