Report: Trump called park official to dispute crowd photos

WASHINGTON (AP) — On his first full day in office, President Donald Trump called the acting director of the National Park Service to dispute widely circulated photos of Trump's inauguration.

  • Written by MATTHEW DALY , Associated Press

Scientists move Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight

WASHINGTON (AP) — The keepers of the Doomsday Clock have moved the symbolic countdown to potential global catastrophe 30 seconds closer to midnight based on President Donald Trump's comments on nuclear weapons and climate change.


Official: Trump wants to slash EPA workforce, budget

WASHINGTON (AP) — The former head of President Donald Trump's transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency says he expects the new administration to seek significant budget and staff cuts.

  • Written by MICHAEL BIESECKER , Associated Press

Mexican president cancels planned DC meeting with Trump

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Thursday canceled a planned Jan. 31 meeting with President Donald J. Trump, hours after Trump tweeted that the meeting should be scrapped if Mexico won't pay for a border wall.

  • Written by MARK STEVENSON , Associated Press

Attorneys release bodycam footage of Fort Worth arrest

DALLAS (AP) — Bodycam video from a white Fort Worth police officer who was suspended for wrestling a black woman and her daughter to the ground appears to show the officer using his foot to push the 15-year-old girl into a police car.

  • Written by CLAUDIA LAUER , Associated Press