WASHINGTON (AP) — THE ISSUE: Pariah state North Korea could soon be capable of targeting America with nuclear weapons. Economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation have failed to halt its progress. What can Washington do to stop the authoritarian government from building up a nuclear arsenal that threatens the United States and its allies in Asia?

  • Written by MATTHEW PENNINGTON, Associated Press

Unexploded bombs extend Yemen war's deadly toll

HASN FAJ ATTAN, Yemen (AP) — Screams rang out through the hilltop village outside Yemen's capital after 10-year-old Youssef al-Salmi set off a bomb he had found in a field, perhaps thinking it was a toy.

  • Written by AHMED AL-HAJ, Associated Press

Water everywhere, Louisiana residents struggle for dry land

WALKER, La. (AP) — Barbara Manuel saw a flicker of sun and that gave her hope that the worst of the horrific flooding to hit southern Louisiana was over. But then the skies ripped open, the lights in her house started to flicker and with three feet of water outside threatening to come in and two young kids to care for, she knew it was time to get out.

  • Written by MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press MAX BECHERER, Associated Press REBECCA SANTANA, Associated Press

Northern California wildfire forces 4,000 to evacuate

LOWER LAKE, Calif. (AP) — A wildfire destroyed at least 10 homes and forced some 4,000 of people to flee their homes as flames jumped a road and moved into a Northern California town located miles away from a devastating wildfire nearly a year ago.