White House defends Bannon, National Security Council restructuring

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Sunday said the addition of President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, to regular meetings on national security was essential to the commander in chief's decision-making process.


Groups begin bailing out strangers to free poor from jail

CHICAGO (AP) — Activists who say too many poor people are unfairly languishing in U.S. jails are increasingly deploying a new tactic: Bailing out strangers. Community groups are collecting donations from individuals, churches and other organizations in more than a dozen cities, and have bailed out several thousand people in the last few years. And so far, the overwhelming majority of defendants still show up for court even when they have no money on the line, according to the groups.

  • Written by SARA BURNETT , Associated Press

Police now say 1 suspect in Canada mosque shooting

QUEBEC CITY (AP) — A shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers left six people dead in an attack that Canada's prime minister called an act of terrorism. Police initially arrested two men but later said just one remains a suspect.


  • Written by TRACEY LINDEMAN and ROB GILLIES , Associated Press