Arrests, allegations of mass graves in Burundi unrest

BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) — A rights group said Friday it had seen evidence indicating possible mass graves in Burundi as unrest escalated with the arrest of 17 people in a security sweep, including two foreign journalists.

  • Written by ELOGE WILLY KANEZA, Associated Press RODNEY MUHUMUZA, Associated Press

Film academy reforms spark new round of protests

NEW YORK (AP) — Since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said it was altering membership rules in response to an outcry over the diversity of its voters and nominees, another uproar has erupted around Hollywood. Many academy members are protesting that the new measures unjustly scapegoat older academy members and imply they're racist.

  • Written by JAKE COYLE, AP Film Writer

Drug traffickers seek safe haven amid legal marijuana

DENVER (AP) — Seeking a safe haven in Colorado's legal marijuana marketplace, illegal drug traffickers are growing weed among the state's sanctioned pot warehouses and farms, then covertly shipping it elsewhere and pocketing millions of dollars from the sale, according to law enforcement officials and court records consulted by The Associated Press.

  • Written by SADIE GURMAN, Associated Press