CIA won't discuss breach; Will WikiLeaks help tech firms?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The CIA has gone dark about the WikiLeaks dump of nearly 9,000 pages of purported U.S. intelligence files, even as the anti-secrecy group raised the prospect of providing technology companies additional sensitive details it says it has about the agency's hacking tools.

  • Written by DEB RIECHMANN, RAPHAEL SATTER and JACK GILLUM , Associated Press

Women go on strike in US to show their economic clout

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Some American women stayed home from work, joined rallies or wore red to demonstrate their economic clout Wednesday as part of a multitude of International Women's Day events held around the globe.

  • Written by ERRIN HAINES WHACK , Associated Press

Study: Climate change goosed odds of freakishly hot February

WASHINGTON (AP) — A freakishly balmy February broke more than 11,700 local daily records for warmth in the United States, but it didn't quite beat 1954 for the warmest February on record, climate scientists said.

  • Written by SETH BORENSTEIN , AP Science Writer

Pot for pets: Owners treat sick animals with cannabis

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Michael Fasman's 12-year-old dog, Hudson, limps from pain caused by arthritis and an amputated toe, but Fasman doesn't want to give her painkillers because "they just knock her out."


  • Written by TERENCE CHEA , Associated Press

US general says Russia has deployed banned missile

WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior U.S. general on Wednesday accused Russia of deploying a land-based cruise missile in violation of "the spirit and intent" of a nuclear arms treaty and charged that Moscow's intention is to threaten U.S. facilities in Europe and the NATO alliance.

  • Written by ROBERT BURNS , AP National Security Writer