Mosquito control officials: Even Zika suspicions are costly

MIAMI (AP) — Florida mosquito control officials worry they won't be able to keep up their efforts to contain the bugs that carry Zika without federal funding, even as concern mounts that the first infection from a mosquito bite on the U.S. mainland is near.

  • Written by JENNIFER KAY, Associated Press

Trump's closer is over, Clinton set to snag attention

CLEVELAND (AP) — In the swirl of balloons and cheers of the masses, Donald Trump finally had his Rocky moment after a rocky convention, and now Democrats are eager to step up for their own spectacle. Hillary Clinton is set to snatch attention from Republicans by naming her running mate in advance of the Democratic convention, with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine the leading contender.

  • Written by KATHLEEN HENNESSEY, Associated Press CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press