Forfeiture reform aligns conservative, liberal groups

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A push for more states to restrict law enforcement from seizing cash and property from people during traffic stops is aligning the likes of conservative billionaire Charles Koch and the American Civil Liberties Union, known for championing many liberal causes.

  • Written by MARY HUDETZ, Associated Press

Germany orders fixes to VW cars with deceptive software

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's transport authority has ordered a mandatory recall of all 2.4 million Volkswagen cars in the country fitted with software that gave them the ability to evade diesel emissions testing, officials said Thursday.

  • Written by FRANK JORDANS, Associated Press

Narco planes, millions in payloads, fly past Peru military

MAZAMARI, Peru (AP) — It happens about four times a day, right under the nose of Peru's military: A small single-engine plane drops onto a dirt airstrip in the world's No. 1 coca-growing valley, delivers a bundle of cash, picks up more than 300 kilos of cocaine and flies to Bolivia.

  • Written by FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press

Global stocks spike as US rate hike fears fade


LONDON (AP) — Global stock markets clawed back some recent losses Thursday after weak U.S. economic figures stoked expectations that the Federal Reserve won't raise interest rates this year.


8 ethnic rebel armies sign cease-fire pact with Myanmar govt

NAYPYITAW, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar's government and eight smaller ethnic rebel armies signed a cease-fire agreement to end more than six decades of fighting, but other more powerful groups refused to come on board, signaling that peace will remain elusive for some time to come.

  • Written by AUNG SHINE OO, Associated Press