Intolerant acts surge as British referendum result sinks in

LONDON (AP) — An Eastern European family in Rugby finds dog excrement shoved through its mailbox. A Londoner nearly gets into a fight over drunken slurs shouted on a crowded subway car. A Polish teenager in Gloucestershire is taunted with threats of deportation at her high school.

  • Written by RAPHAEL SATTER, Associated Press PHILIPPA LAW, Associated Press

Judge: Mississippi law creates inequality for gay marriage

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi clerks cannot cite their own religious beliefs to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, under a ruling a federal judge handed down Monday.

  • Written by EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS, Associated Press

France opens manslaughter inquiry into EgyptAir cr

PARIS (AP) — French authorities opened a manslaughter inquiry Monday into the May crash of an EgyptAir plane that killed 66 people, saying there is no evidence so far to link it to terrorism.

  • Written by ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press

Oakland votes to ban coal shipments, citing health risks

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — The Oakland City Council voted unanimously to kill a plan to use a proposed marine terminal to transport Utah coal to Asia, calling such shipments public health and safety hazards. Backers argued the project would bring needed jobs to an impoverished part of town.

  • Written by JANIE HAR, Associated Press

Airport security fix: better training _ for humans and dogs

GLYNCO, Ga. (AP) — Covering their ears, 192 future airport security officers watched from a grandstand as Larry Colburn detonates a plastic-explosives device like the one carried by the underwear bomber in a failed attempt to blow up a plane on Christmas Day 2009.

  • Written by DAVID KOENIG, AP Airlines Writer