50 years after Loving, 1 in 6 new couples are racially mixed


WASHINGTON (AP) — Fifty years after Mildred and Richard Loving's landmark legal challenge shattered the laws against interracial marriage in the U.S., some couples of different races still talk of facing discrimination, disapproval and sometimes outright hostility from their fellow Americans.

Loving 50yrs

  • Written by By JESSE J. HOLLAND , Associated Press

Sessions to testify as Republicans prod Trump on tapes


WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions is preparing to face former Senate colleagues over his role in the controversy around ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, part of an escalating investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.

Russia Sessions

  • Written by By HOPE YEN , Associated Press

Thousands of Russians protest Putin's rule; Navalny arrested


MOSCOW (AP) — Thousands of anti-government activists challenging President Vladimir Putin's rule were protesting across Russia on Monday, with police arresting main opposition leader Alexei Navalny outside his Moscow home before he could reach the main demonstration and scores of others.

Russia Protests

  • Written by By JIM HEINTZ and NATALIYA VASILYEVA , Associated Press

US opts out of G7 pledge committing to Paris climate accord


BOLOGNA, Italy (AP) — The United States refused Monday to sign onto a Group of Seven pledge that calls the Paris climate accord the "irreversible" global tool to address climate change.

G7 Environment

  • Written by By PAOLO SANTALUCIA and NICOLE WINFIELD , Associated Press