Trump cutting hundreds of planned regulations

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has withdrawn or delayed 860 proposed regulations in its first five months, the beginnings of a regulatory overhaul meant to bolster economic growth.

  • Written by By JOSH BOAK , AP Economics Writer

Sen. McCain diagnosed with brain tumor after clot removed

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, Vietnam prisoner of war and political maverick in Congress for more than three decades, has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain tumor.

  • Written by By DONNA CASSATA , Associated Press

Lifestyle changes to stave off Alzheimer's? Hints, no proof

WASHINGTON (AP) — There are no proven ways to stave off Alzheimer's, but a new report raises the prospect that avoiding nine key risks starting in childhood just might delay or even prevent about a third of dementia cases around the world.

  • Written by By LAURAN NEERGAARD , AP Medical Writer

House punishes Russia, blocks Trump from waiving penalties


WASHINGTON (AP) — Eager to punish Russia for meddling in the 2016 election, the House has overwhelmingly backed a new package of sanctions against Moscow that prohibits President Donald Trump from waiving the penalties without first getting permission from Congress.

  • Written by By RICHARD LARDNER , Associated Press

Brain scans may change care for some people with memory loss

WASHINGTON (AP) — Does it really take an expensive brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer's? Not everybody needs one but new research suggests that for a surprising number of patients whose memory problems are hard to pin down, PET scans may lead to changes in treatment.

  • Written by By LAURAN NEERGAARD , AP Medical Writer