AP FACT CHECK: Trump selectively quotes from a legal blog

WASHINGTON (AP) — Making a legal argument in 140 characters is no easy task, and President Donald Trump may have confounded people Friday morning with his tweet about the appeals case that kept the borders open to people he wants banned. A look behind the tweet:

  • Written by CALVIN WOODWARD , Associated Press

French presidential hopeful Macron courts US climate experts

PARIS (AP) — French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron on Friday urged researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers working on climate change in the U.S. to leave for France — a bid to capitalize on the doubt expressed by U.S. President Donald Trump about global warming.

  • Written by THOMAS ADAMSON , Associated Press

NFL more forceful on Texas 'bathroom bill' after Super Bowl

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The NFL sharpened its warning to Texas on Friday about a "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people, suggesting for the first time that the football-crazed state could miss out on hosting another Super Bowl if the proposal is enacted.

  • Written by PAUL J. WEBER , Associated Press

In shift, Trump tells Xi he will honor 'one China' policy

BEIJING (AP) — President Donald Trump reaffirmed Washington's long-standing "one China" policy in a call with Beijing's leader, a move that could ease anger in China over his earlier suggestions that he might use Taiwan as leverage in negotiations over trade, security and other sensitive issues.


Trump's pick for health and human secretary takes office

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's new health secretary took office Friday after becoming the latest Cabinet nominee to eke out a confirmation victory in the bitterly divided Senate.

  • Written by ALAN FRAM , Associated Press