Icy conditions follow falling temps and Northeast snowstorm

NEW YORK (AP) — Concerns about falling temperatures and icy conditions on roads and sidewalks across the Northeast followed a late-season storm that plastered the region with sleet and snow.

  • Written by COLLEEN LONG and DENISE LAVOIE , Associated Press

Detroit school board OKs lawsuit to keep schools open

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit's board of education has voted to sue the state to prevent any school closures after more than two dozen city schools were identified for potential shutdown.


Now hear this: Loud sound may pose more harm than we thought

NEW YORK (AP) — Matt Garlock has trouble making out what his friends say in loud bars, but when he got a hearing test, the result was normal. Recent research may have found an explanation for problems like his, something called "hidden hearing loss."

  • Written by MALCOLM RITTER , AP Science Writer