To woo students, more colleges now hand-deliver acceptances

FRANKLIN, Mass. (AP) — The visitors walking up her family's driveway mystified Maya Wolf. Four wore blue jackets. One was in a lion mascot costume. Then, as it clicked, she reached to her mouth in surprise.

  • Written by COLLIN BINKLEY, Associated Press

Freed after years in solitary, woman faces jailhouse charges

NEW YORK (AP) — Candie Hailey spent more than three years in a New York City jail, most of it in solitary confinement, before a jury decided she was innocent last year and set her free. Now, prosecutors say she still hasn't been punished enough.

  • Written by JAKE PEARSON, Associated Press

Obama's historic trip to Cuba rife with risk, opportunity

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will open a new era in the United States' thorny relationship with Cuba during a history-making trip that has two seemingly dissonant goals: locking in his softer approach while also pushing the island's communist leaders to change their ways.

  • Written by JOSH LEDERMAN, Associated Press JULIE PACE, Associated Press

Top fugitive in Paris attacks captured during Brussels raid

BRUSSELS (AP) — Police raiding an apartment building captured Europe's most wanted fugitive Friday, arresting the prime suspect in last year's deadly Paris attacks in the same Brussels neighborhood where he grew up.

  • Written by RAF CASERT, Associated Press JOHN-THOR DAHLBURG, Associated Press