Catalan leader faces mounting pressure from all sides

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Catalonia's leader faced mounting pressure Friday from all sides, with hardliners in the separatist movement demanding he declare independence from Spain once and for all. Spain's government and the European Union, on the other hand, want him to abandon the secession plans altogether.

  • Written by By ARITZ PARRA , Associated Press

Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — It sounds sort of like a mass of crickets. A high-pitched whine, but from what? It seems to undulate, even writhe. Listen closely: There are multiple, distinct tones that sound to some like they're colliding in a nails-on-the-chalkboard effect.

  • Written by By JOSH LEDERMAN and MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN , Associated Press

Charlottesville, local businesses sue over deadly rally


Two newly filed lawsuits seek to prevent the heavily armed bands of white nationalists and militia groups that descended on Charlottesville for a violent summer rally from returning to the Virginia city.

Charlottesville 1

  • Written by By SARAH RANKIN , Associated Press

Calling it a beginning, Trump signs health care order

WASHINGTON (AP) — Frustrated by health care failures in Congress, President Donald Trump directed his administration Thursday to rewrite some federal insurance rules as a beginning of renewed efforts to undermine "Obamacare," the program he's promised to kill.

  • Written by By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR , Associated Press