Sound heard in Argentine sub search was likely 'explosion'


MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina (AP) — An apparent explosion occurred near the time and place an Argentine submarine went missing, the country's navy reported Thursday, prompting relatives of the vessel's 44 crew members to burst into tears and some to say they had lost hope of a rescue.

  • Written by By ALMUDENA CALATRAVA and LUIS ANDRES HENAO , Associated Press

Macy's Thanksgiving parade revels on amid tight security


NEW YORK (AP) — The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade featured balloons, bands, stars and heavy security in a year marked by attacks on outdoor gathering spots.

  • Written by By WILLIAM MATHIS , Associated Press

On Thanksgiving, family hurt by Harvey counts its blessings

HOUSTON (AP) — The kitchen where George and Arva Dorsey prepare an 18-dish feast every Thanksgiving has been stripped of everything but its granite countertops, standing on their own with no appliances below. The house they renovated and expanded over three decades has been gutted down to its wooden beams.

HarveyThanks 1

  • Written by By NOMAAN MERCHANT , Associated Press