In Mexico, fear as victims vanish at hands of police

TELOLOAPAN, Mexico (AP) –€” Carlos Sanchez lay in the backseat of a Honda sedan with his head in his wife's lap, an oxygen tube in his nose, IV in his arm and three bullets in his body. The 36-year-old taco vendor cried out in pain at every bump on the pitch-dark highway to the city of Iguala.

Hang on, his cousin Armando implored, just 10 more minutes to the hospital.

  • Written by CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN, Associated Press

Minneapolis police say 5 shot near protest scene

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis police are searching for three white male suspects who authorities say shot five Black Lives Matters demonstrators, while the family of a black man who was fatally shot by a police officer has called for the dayslong protests outside of a police precinct to end.

  • Written by DOUG GLASS, Associated Press

$160B deal to combine Pfizer and Allergan raises outcry

A $160 billion deal announced Monday to merge Pfizer and Allergan and create the world's biggest drug company renewed the outcry in Washington over "inversions," in which U.S. corporations combine with companies overseas to lower their tax bill.

  • Written by LINDA A. JOHNSON, AP Business Writers TOM MURPHY, AP Business Writers

Russia confirms its jet shot down near Turkish border

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane Tuesday — a long-feared crisis in Syria's civil war and apparently the first time a NATO member has downed a Russian plane in a half-century.

  • Written by SUZAN FRASER, Associated Press NATALIYA VASILYEVA, Associated Press

Police hunt suspects in mass shooting in New Orleans park

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Police on Monday sought to determine what touched off a wild shootout in a crowd of hundreds of people at a New Orleans playground, where an evening of fun at a block party swiftly turned into a nightmare.

  • Written by JANET MCCONNAUGHEY, Associated Press REBECCA SANTANA, Associated Press