After California shooting, fears of Muslim harassment rise


NEW YORK (AP) — A severed pig's head was left outside a mosque in Philadelphia. An Islamic center in Florida was defaced. A Sikh temple in California was vandalized by someone who mistook it for a mosque and left graffiti that included a profane reference to the Islamic State group.

  • Written by JONATHAN LEMIRE, Associated Press MICHAEL BALSAMO, Associated Press

War, low oil prices cripple Iraq Kurds' once-vibrant economy


IRBIL, Iraq (AP) — Less than two years ago, Iraq's northern Kurdish region was booming, as oil revenues poured in and foreign investors flocked to a rare island of stability in a turbulent region, but that all began to change when the black flags of the Islamic State group darkened the horizon.

  • Written by BALINT SZLANKO, Associated Press

AP count: Over 2,400 killed in Saudi hajj stampede, crush


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The September stampede during the hajj in Saudi Arabia killed at least 2,411 pilgrims, a new Associated Press count shows, three times the number of deaths acknowledged by the kingdom three months later.

  • Written by JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press

Ex-Fogle associate gets 27 years on child porn charges

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The former director of a foundation started by ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle was sentenced to 27 years in prison Thursday for producing child pornography that played a role in Fogle's criminal case.

  • Written by RICK CALLAHAN, Associated Press