Intel drops $14B on Mobileye in race for a driverless future

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Intel will buy Israel's Mobileye in a deal valued at just over $14 billion, the latest push by a major tech company to advance autonomous vehicles that could change the way traffic moves globally.



Gorsuch might be tough to predict on criminal justice cases

WASHINGTON (AP) — Judge Neil Gorsuch wasn't convinced that a teenager who made burping sounds in a classroom should be arrested, handcuffed and taken to juvenile detention in a police car.


  • Written by SAM HANANEL , Associated Press

UNICEF says 2016 was worst year yet for Syria's children

BEIRUT (AP) — In Syria, last year was the worst yet for the country's rising generation, with at least 652 children killed in 2016, the United Nations' child relief agency said Monday.


  • Written by PHILIP ISSA , Associated Press

Second part of ancient Egyptian statue lifted from site

CAIRO (AP) — The three-ton torso of a massive statue that may be of one of Egypt's most famous pharaohs has been lifted from mud and groundwater where it was recently discovered in a Cairo suburb.

  • Written by MOHAMMED SALAH , Associated Press