Why few Americans in Panama Papers? Lawyer doesn't want them

PANAMA CITY (AP) — Rich and influential people around the globe have found themselves under siege since a major data leak revealed their ties to secretive financial accounts and shell companies in low-tax havens used to hide wealth.

  • Written by JUAN ZAMORANO, Associated Press JOSHUA GOODMAN, Associated Press

4 Fed leaders face questions about their powerful jobs

WASHINGTON (AP) — Janet Yellen was put on the spot about whether she made a mistake in raising interest rates in December. Ben Bernanke was quizzed about what it felt like to be called a traitor by the governor of Texas.

  • Written by MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer

US cites Chinese Internet filters as trade barrier

BEIJING (AP) — The American government has cited Chinese Internet controls as a trade barrier in a report that comes as Beijing tries to block its public from seeing news about the finances of Chinese leaders' families.