Paris-Brussels attacks network a 'supercell' of extremism

PARIS (AP) — The number of people linked to the Islamic State network that attacked Paris and Brussels reaches easily into the dozens, with a series of new arrests over the weekend that confirmed the cell's toxic reach and ability to move around unnoticed in Europe's criminal underworld.

  • Written by LORI HINNANT, Associated Press

US, Goldman Sachs reach $5B settlement over risky mortgages

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Monday announced a roughly $5 billion settlement with Goldman Sachs over the sale of mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. The government accused the bank of misleading investors about the quality of its loans.

  • Written by ERIC TUCKER, Associated Press

Kerry makes gut-wrenching visit to Hiroshima site of A-bomb

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) — An emotional John Kerry said Hiroshima's horrible history should teach humanity to avoid conflict and strive to eradicate nuclear weapons as he became the first U.S. secretary of state to tread upon the ground of the world's first atomic bombing.

  • Written by BRADLEY KLAPPER, Associated Press

Low-level drug offenders find new source of addiction help

SEATTLE (AP) — When pondering how to keep low-level drug offenders out of jail, officials in Albany, New York, faced a challenge: How could they pay for a case manager to coax addicts onto the straight and narrow, sometimes by tracking them down on the streets?

  • Written by GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press