Brazen attacks in Jakarta leave 5 gunmen, 2 others dead


JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Attackers set off suicide bombs and exchanged gunfire outside a Starbucks cafe in Indonesia's capital in a brazen assault Thursday that police said "imitated" the recent Paris attacks and was probably linked to the Islamic State group.

  • Written by NINIEK KARMINI, Associated Press

Not just water: City says river's charm is key to well-being

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — A picturesque Colorado river with a peculiar French name is the latest prize in the West's water wars, where wilderness advocates usually line up against urban and industrial development.

  • Written by DAN ELLIOTT, Associated Press

Palestinian refugee driven into new exile by IS

BAHARKA REFUGEE CAMP, Iraq (AP) — As a nine-year-old boy, Ibrahim Mahmoud fled his hometown of Haifa on the back of a truck during the 1948 war that attended the creation of Israel. Now, as a hunched old man, he is once again encamped far from home, having fled the Islamic State takeover of the Iraqi city of Mosul.

  • Written by BRAM JANSSEN, Associated Press