The tale of the tape: when should police videos be released?

ATLANTA (AP) — Two police shootings, both recorded by police. In one city, the police recordings were released almost immediately and protests remained calm. In the other, the chief has so far refused to provide the videos to the public and violent protests have wrought destruction in the heart of the city. Two different outcomes that raise some key questions: How soon are police obligated to release the recordings and why might they keep a lid on it?

  • Written by LISA MARIE PANE, Associated Press

162 bodies retrieved after migrant boat capsizes off Egypt

ROSETTA, Egypt (AP) — The bodies of 162 people had been pulled from the waters off the Egyptian coast by Friday, two days after a boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsized in the Mediterranean while attempting to head to Europe.

  • Written by MAGGIE HYDE, Associated Press MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press

Video shows deadly encounter between police, black man

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Video of a deadly encounter between Charlotte police and a black man shows his wife repeatedly telling officers he is not armed and pleading with them not to shoot her husband as they shout at him to drop a gun.

  • Written by TOM FOREMAN Jr., Associated Press JONATHAN DREW, Associated Press