US admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

TOKYO (AP) — The top American military officer in the Pacific said Wednesday that North Korea's recent military actions are "a recipe for a disaster" and warned against a sense of complacency in the face of increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

  • Written by KAORI HITOMI, Associated Press

Intel sharing at heart of US, Europe talks on laptop ban

BRUSSELS (AP) — The intelligence behind plans to broaden a U.S. ban on in-flight laptops and tablets to include planes from Europe took center stage on Wednesday as American and European officials met to discuss the looming decision.

  • Written by LORNE COOK, Associated Press LORI HINNANT, Associated Press

Progress reducing US uninsured rate comes to a halt

WASHINGTON (AP) — Five years of progress reducing the number of Americans without health insurance has come to a halt, according to a government report out Tuesday. More than a factoid, it shows the stakes in the Republican drive to roll back the Affordable Care Act.

  • Written by RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR , Associated Press